Canton Fair

Published on: 2018-01-05 14:59:22

The 121st Canton fair was held on 15th April 2017 in China Import and Export Center in Guangzhou. Leading Shine joined this big event with its products and is looking back at a very successful fair.

At the 121st Canton Fair, Leading Shine brought around 7 kinds of products to customers, including Artificial string light bottle, shaped string light, Glowing Gift, copper wire string light, string light with Function battery pack and more.

The Artificial string light bottle is the newest product in 2017, it has a beautiful art craft bottle, with lovely star shaped LED’s inside. The bottles include a heat warming sentiment to help make any one receiving feel extra special.

The shaped string light with 20 warm white different shapes LED lights, a handy timer function so that you needn’t worry about remembering to switch these lights off. After being on for six continuous hours, they will turn off for eighteen hours, before illuminating again at the same time as the previous day.


The Glowing gift includes LED Neon flex light, LED Ice Cube, LED submersible light and LED Candle/Tea light. Among them, the most popular products are LED submersible light, it can be placed under water and will last up to 27-35 hours, with replaceable batteries. The colorful tea submersible lights are great for illuminating wedding or centerpieces.


The Leading Shine booth attracted a lot of customers from Asian, Middle East, South America, Europe and North America. We received about 200 new customers, most of them like the Artificial string light bottle, 10 new customers have signed contracts with Leading Shine for it. We take pride in our good quality products which are suitable for most markets in worldwide.


Leading Shine is proud to show its products at the Canton Fair. We will offer professional LED lighting solutions for special requirements customers and economic price with excellent after sales services.


Each year two times Canton fairs, Leading Shine always with its high reputation brand, high-quality products, and innovative design, takes the lead in LED lighting in China.